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Sahara Rose is a FLORIDA based natural luxury skin care brand mixing ancient beauty rituals from the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert with modern technology.

Sahara Rose’s natural beauty line of facial skin care, bath, body and spa products, are effective and glamourous, with unforgettable sensual rituals and scents that transport the senses.

For Sahara Rose, success starts with ancient beauty rituals. The exotic brand uses precious, time-tested and powerful ingredients, traditionally used for generations by healers and autochtones in the Sahara, such as: prickly pear seed oil, Saffron Pistils, Wild Rose and Neroli.  The high concentrations of these precious ingredients in the new line soothe, heal and nourish skin, while adding radiance and luster to tired, dull complexions.

All Sahara Rose products are all natural ingredients, free of harsh ingredients, paraben, fragrance and mineral oil free, and have not been tested on animals.

“Our highest priority is to make women feel treasured using 100% natural clean nontoxic skincare”. “Our products are produced in small batches, and we are focused on quality, high performance and sustainability in our line.”

From Florida, where we handcraft each batch of products, we place great importance on quality,  high performance and sustainability.

Our main objective is to cater to the requirements of modern women, who don’t have much time to invest in elaborate skincare routines as they are busy in their professional and personal lives, while providing Safe and nontoxic products. They want soft and glowing skin via a simple, but efficient skincare regime that can easily fit into their schedule.

Ikram Elharti, Founder, SAHARA ROSE