Glowing Sahara Rose Testimonial from Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny

A pioneer of the clean beauty movement, Amanda Jo of the Organic Bunny, is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most trusted sources for the green beauty community. Her organic beauty journey started in 2015 after deciding that her health needed to be approached holistically –– that included ditching unhealthy foods and applying toxic ingredients topically to her skin. With a vast commitment to educating the world about safer alternatives to the products we’ve come to grow and love, Amanda possesses an undeniable passion for non-toxic beauty that we find incredibly inspiring.

We were so excited to hear of her love for the Sahara Rose Desert Goddess Remineralizing Polish, a decadent body scrub that buffs away impurities, that we wanted to share her glowing testimonial with you. Read on to learn just what Amanda Jo had to say about our bestselling body polish!

An Organic Bunny-approved favorite, Amanda Jo calls the Sahara Rose Desert Goddess Remineralizing Polish a “creamy and dreamy body polish”. 

Photos Credit:  The organic Bunny


 Sahara Rose Skincare Desert Goddess Remineralizing Polish Review by Amanda Jo

Why the Organic Bunny loves it:

“Designed to be both an exfoliator AND a detoxifying body mask, this polish is packed full of mineral-rich Lava Clay to pull out toxins, Oatmeal to soothe, Chamomile to calm, Clove to balance and Rose Petals to keep your skin shining bright! This is one sweet treat your body will love.”

How the Organic Bunny uses it:

“I love this body treatment because it's so soothing, it's like having your very own spa service at home. I love applying this before a bath to my neck and chest and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes. I then gently add water and buff off any excess dead skin, thank me later!!!”

Amanda Jo, the Organic Bunny

About the Sahara Rose Desert Goddess Remineralizing Polish:

Designed to give you a gentle exfoliation, it reveals noticeably smoother and touchably soft skin after each use. Sourced from the impermeable layers of the earth, the formulation features mineral-rich and negatively-charged Lava Clay, which gently purifies skin, while replenishing it with beautiful minerals, like Magnesium and Silica. A dreamy accompaniment to any bathing ritual, it is infused with luxurious rose petals and calming oatmeal for ultimate relaxation. A harmonious blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Orange, Rosemary, Cedar and Clove essential oils indulge the senses for a grounding and mood-boosting experience. 

This year, we’d like to encourage you to take a little (or a lot!) more time to pamper yourself. A seamless way to start is with celebrating your body by honoring it with self-care rituals. Uniquely formulated to allow busy women and mothers a moment to unwind, our detoxifying body treatment makes for a tranquil spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. 

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