Ikram Elharti grew up, in the Mediterranean, with women who believed in the benefits of self-care.  As a little girl, she watched as her Moroccan grandmother and her friends gathered at the local bathhouse to sip tea, relax and indulge in lush products that benefitted both their skin and their peace of mind. 

Once Ikram became a new mother, she started suffering from dehydrated-stressed skin and saw how easy it was to abandon her own self-care regime.  She met women from all walks of life who also struggled to make time for themselves. Her needs and that of other busy women inspired her to create a version of the wellness and ritual that she had witnessed growing up. She believed that if products appealed to the senses – fragrant, textural and beautiful -- that women would be more likely to set aside time to enjoy them.    

“I want to give women products that make the most of their precious time, that are effective and also uplifting to use,” says Ikram.  “Our customers tell us that experiencing SAHARA ROSE is a treat they look forward to every day, and that is exactly my goal.”

Today, as her life expands to include two young daughters and the business of running the SAHARA ROSE company, Ikram is more dedicated than ever to provide women of all ages natural products that create radiant, healthy skin and moments of pure indulgence.