Our Founder’s Daily Beauty Routine

During these cold winter months, maintaining a nourishing skincare routine is crucial to keeping your body silky smooth from head to toe. The cooler temperatures tend to make your skin dry, itchy, and cracked. With the proper care, though, you can still have the soft skin of your dreams.

Sahara Rose’s founder, Ikram Elharti, knows and values the importance of a skincare routine made complete with precious ingredients. She crafted the entire Sahara Rose to be the remedy for your skin’s needs year-round, but especially during these colder months. As a young girl, Ikram admired her grandmother as she would indulge in self-care, seeing how it benefited both her mind and body.  

Today, Ikram has carried her grandmother’s love for beauty with her to take care of her own wellbeing, both physical and mental. The practice of self-care is of the utmost importance, so our founder has shared her own daily beauty routine to inspire others to do the same. 


Our founder starts her morning with a creamy, gentle cleanser. Her favorite is the Sahara Rose Luminous Clarifying Cleanser ($32). This cleanser is gentle enough for morning use but thorough enough to use at the end of the day to remove dirt and grime, too. Soothing, hydrating ingredients like castor oil, argan oil, rose water, and aloe vera start your morning with a beautiful radiance, hydrating your skin before applying makeup. Orange, clove, and geranium notes provide an uplifting aroma to truly kick off your morning. Our founder, Ikram, shares “a tip I like is to leave it on for a few minutes as a mask, as it has cactus and pomegranate enzymes that double as exfoliators.”

Next up in Ikram’s routine is the Sacred Energy Radiance Mist ($34). This is a great staple for the morning as well as throughout the day for a quick, easy refreshment. This luxurious, lightweight mist enhances the skin’s radiance with natural ingredients such as rose, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and ruby crystals. Hyaluronic acid is able to carry up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, making it a great winter skincare staple. Keeping your skin well-hydrated, this ingredient also helps make your skin smooth and plump, the perfect base for makeup application.

Ikram follows this radiant mist with the I Am a Treasure Hydra C Serum ($54), a brightening and plumping serum. This serum is lightweight, making it ideal for morning use. Packed with potent vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, super nutrients, and fruit extracts, it’s no wonder this treasured serum is a fan-favorite. This serum boasts the addition of 3 glyceryl ascorbate, a vitamin C derivative that is more stable than traditional vitamin C. It also does not discolor over time, naturally preserving your beloved serum over time. An extra special addition to this serum is moth bean, a botanical alternative to retinol. Use this serum every morning for a natural radiance that lasts.

Finally, each morning, Ikram locks in her beauty routine with the Sumptuous Regenerating Cream ($48) and a sunscreen. In the morning, you only need to use a small amount of this luxe cream, as it is beautifully rich. Quickly absorbed, this cream cherishes prickly pear seed oil, niacinamide, saffron, rose water, and aloe vera to deeply nourish the skin throughout the day. It’s vital to apply SPF every day, throughout the day, making this the last step of Ikram’s morning routine.


Though traditionally, you might only think of skincare routines as belonging to mornings and nights, there are small touches you can do throughout the day to preserve the effects and efficiency of the products. Our founder likes to use the Divine Beauty Serum ($36)  throughout the day  to moisturize her hands, lips, and any other dry areas that need a little extra nourishment.  

Throughout the day, if your skin is feeling dry, you can give it a quick boost with a simple spritz of the Sacred Energy Radiance Mist, too.


At night, our founder follows the same ritual as the morning, but she adds the Divine Beauty Serum after the Hydra C serum. The routine is completed by the Sumptuous Cream for extra nourishment, keeping the skin beautifully moisturized all winter long. 

With the help of a high-quality skincare routine, like Ikram’s, winter is no match against your skin. Nourishing ingredients provide and lock in hydration to last for hours, keeping your skin soft, smooth, and youthful no matter the time of year.

By Michala Jackson