Dehydrated Skin : 5 Common Signs & How to Fix it


Dry or Dehydrated Skin: What's the Difference? 

Dry and dehydrated Skin share common signs and symptoms. Most people confuse the two as the words are interchangeable. However, symptoms, treatments, and impacts are incredibly different. See how the two differ. 

Dry Skin 

Genetics plays a big part in Dry Skin. Dry Skin is predisposed to inadequate production of the skin's natural oils. In addition, hormonal imbalances or under active thyroid can cause Dry Skin.  As a result, Dry Skin will block your Skin's production of sebum, contributing to a complexion that is dry and lackluster in appearance. Changing Dry Skin isn't easy due to genetics, but you can improve its appearance by adding oil-infused products to your daily skincare routine.  An oil Serum like Divine Beauty Serum can help with the cosmetic relief of dry, rough patches and gives the skin a soft smooth texture.

Dehydrated Skin 

Dehydrated Skin derives from a lack of water and moisture in the body, not from genetics. Our bodies are made up of primarily water, so it's essential to keep our bodies hydrated. Dehydration is a treatable skin condition. Unfortunately, dehydration is very common. People lose on an average 900 ml through breathing and sweat. A lesser-known fact is oily skin types can become dehydrated.

To check for dehydration, you can do the "tent" test. Take two fingers and gently pinch your skin, whether on your arm or stomach. If the skin immediately returns to normal – no dehydration. If it takes time to return, you're most likely dehydrated. Medical professionals use the same test when exhibiting signs of dehydration because it's quick and painless. 

So, what are all the signs of dehydrated Skin, and how to improve dehydrated skin? 

  1. Dull Skin - Has your complexion become dull and zapped of radiance? Pale tones in different areas of your skin? These could be signs of dehydration. When fully hydrated, your skin will shed the outer layer, losing dead skin cells. One recommendation is avoiding harsh, gritty scrubs. Exfoliation is excellent for the skin, but the product you use is essential. There are great products to help bring your skin looking radiant. Our Face wash for dehydrated skin, Luminous cleanser deep cleans the skin without over-drying and offers a gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin nourished, soft and radiant.
  2. Stressed skin & sensitivity – When your skin loses its moisture barrier, it causes an increase in sensitivity. Your skin can not protect itself adequately from external elements, such as below zero weather, cutting winds, or extreme heat and humidity. Your outer layer of skin will become susceptible to bacteria and pollutants, causing an increase of redness and irritation. Hydra Rich Radiance Mist with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, instantly hydrate and revitalize skin. 
  3. Itchy Skin – Is your appearance flaky or sensitive to the touch? Have you ever returned from a day at the beach, after having sand pelting your skin all day long, your skin feels itchy and tight? Flakiness typically follows regardless of how much oil is on your skin's surface. It’s important to nourish your skin. A humidifier will provide moisture and humidity in the air giving the elements your skin needs to remain hydrated. Adding a Rich hydrating serum for dehydrated skin like Hydra C Serum with concentrated hyaluronic molecules deliver an infusion of intensive hydration- and powerful TRI-PEPTIDE and vegetable Ceramides leave skin looking replenished, refreshed and radiant.
  4. Fine lines & dehydration wrinkles – Like the tent test, you can gently pinch your cheek to check for fine lines.  This can be another sign of dehydration. Dehydration can also accelerate premature aging of the skin. But, again, there are products to aid with the aging process.   Adding a rich natural moisturizer for dehydrated skin like Sahara Rose Sumptuous Regenerating Cream with ingredients like Moth bean and Ceramides can help tone aging skin and soften the appearance of fine lines, for more hydrated, radiant and dewy fresh skin.   
  5. Overall skin dehydration  - dehydration isn't limited to the face - it affects other parts of the body.   The symptoms can range, but the result is your body is begging for nourishment in the form of water. Treat your body to a Pure Indulgence Wellness Set. A spa package at home,  to deeply nourish, plump and give the skin a healthy glow.

 Additionally, weather, and seasonal changes – as in areas where you live are factors that deplete your skin's water content. 

An unhealthy diet and certain lifestyle choices are also factors causing dehydration. Fill up on fresh produce which has loads of water and aids in relieving dehydration. 

Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine, as these also cause added dehydration, resulting in a less supple appearance. 

Constant hydration can help keep the skin nourished, firm and supple.