Rose of Jericho skin benefits

Rose of Jericho, Resurrection Plant, and Anastatica Hierochuntica are all names for one very vital and beneficial desert plant. The Jericho Rose is known for its history of medicinal use. Indigenous people have used its leaves for thousands of years for antibacterial properties. Pressing the leaves makes oil that is used for topical treatment. Now, it is a popular skincare ingredient. 

What is Rose of Jericho?

Anastatica Hierochuntica looks like a tumbleweed when it is away from water. This plant can live on for years in its resting state, where it seems like it is dead and dried up. Once you place it in water, this ball of leaves suddenly opens up and blooms with beautiful flowers. While the dead leaves don't usually turn green again, its ability to thrive has made it a fascinating plant with tons of folklore, and many indigenous people consider it magical. 

True Rose of Jericho Plant vs. False Rose of Jericho Plant

The original desert rose resurrection plant originates in Northern Africa and has been used throughout the Middle East and Asia for thousands of years. The false rose of Jericho, or Selaginella lepidophylla, is an actual resurrection plant in the sense that all parts of it turn green and "come alive" again when it touches water. The “false” rose of Jericho is found in deserts across Central America. Indigenous tribes have used it to predict weather and give it as a lucky charm to family members. These plants are very similar and are used for the same medicinal purposes.

What is Desert Rose Used For?

Due to its ability to spring back to life, this plant has always been revered. Now, scientists have been able to extract and isolate the medicinal components of this plant, using Anastatica Hierochuntica extract as a skincare ingredient. Desert rose contains flavonoids, which are rich in antioxidants. The elements contained within the rose of Jericho include chlorogenic acid, quercetin, kaempferol, and luteolin, which are beneficial for inflammation. The leaves of this plant are known to help with arthritis pain, high blood pressure, and controlling blood sugar levels. 

Is Rose of Jericho Good For Skin?

Skincare scientists are currently conducting more detailed studies to examine the benefits of Rose of Jericho extract for the skin. It is currently listed in various journals as one of the plants most beneficial for skincare. Here's when you should use Jericho skin care:

  • Anti-aging - Antioxidant properties in the oil of this plant help fight free radicals, which are atoms with just one electron that do the most damage to your skin cells. When you age, your skin cells have a harder time repairing themselves. Damaged skin cells show up as wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet. Desert skin care products boost your skin cells and help them retain their health, leading to less visible signs of aging. 

  • Dry Skin - Dryness in the skin occurs depending on your age, health, and environment. Used as desert climate skin care, Anastatica Hierochuntica extracts moisturize the skin through the same sugars, amino acids, and compounds this plant uses to "resurrect" itself. 

Rose of Jericho - Magical Properties?

As you can imagine, a plant that magically bursts into life when it touches water has fascinated people throughout history! Occasionally making its way into pop culture through novels and poetry (like Christina Georgina Rossetti's "A Rose Plant in Jericho"), the spiritual use of the Rose of Jericho spans the globe. In the Middle East, this plant is sometimes called the Hand of Maryam or the Hand of Fatima and is associated with abundance, luck, and fortune. The connection to "resurrection" makes it sacred in Catholicism as well. Hoodoo and Santeria practitioners use this desert plant in protection and wealth magic or as an amulet to absorb negative energy.

Fun Fact: Are you wondering what does the Rose of Jericho symbolize? You may have guessed it's a giant metaphor for rebirth - but cultures see it as a symbol of love, happiness, perseverance, and luck. 

Using Rose of Jericho Beauty Products

Rose of Jericho skin care products are perfect to those in dry climates, urban areas (air pollution can damage skin!), or dry/mature skin. Sahara Rose Radiance Mist, Sumptuous plumping Cream, and Pure Indulgence skincare set with the best natural plants that help your skin by creating a protective barrier, sealing the skin away from free radicals and harmful sun rays. Some studies show it can even improve skin tone for those with acne scars or dark spots. 

Skin care science is now proving what our ancestors knew all along - the Rose of Jericho is indeed a magical plant!